Our Story

As plant lovers, we know how difficult they are to care for. That’s when a thought occurred.

What if we could bring the charm of real plants into the lives of people who don’t have the resources to care for them – with this question, Luxe Garden was born.

Who We Are

Luxe Garden is an artificial plant design company specializing in premium-made faux botanicals, home décor accessories, and art prints.

When we first began operations in 2019, we started by being the exclusive supplier of artificial plants to top designers in New York and other major cities in North America.

In this, we attracted a ton of attention from designers and decorators across the country.

Since those early days, we’ve been exposed to general consumers and have expanded operations to accommodate everyday homeowners, decorators, interior designers, and fake plant aficionados across the United States.

Today, Luxe Garden has a growing catalogue of over 250 premium-made faux plants.

Where We’re From

Luxe Garden was founded in the fashion-forward city of New York. This is where our design teams are still based.

Capitalizing on the latest trends in greenery, design, décor, and homeownership, our design experts are skilled at crafting high-end artificial plants that embody realism, detail, and natural beauty.

There is nothing we are more passionate about than perfecting the look of a faux plant. Literally. Nothing.

Quality matters. In detail and design. We use only the most premium materials available to us. No compromises. Every inch of any Luxe Garden product has been vetted by an expert.

We are more than confident in the artificial plants in our catalogue. That’s why we offer a 1-year warranty on everything we create.

If there’s ever a problem, a customer can let us know. We’ll do our best to take care of it in the timeliest of manners.

Why Shop With Luxe Garden

If you’re here, chances are, you’re like us. You have an interest in design, decorating, and greenery. That’s awesome! Those are the people we want. That’s our community.

Every day, Luxe Garden products continue to be chosen by decorators and interior designers.

Hanging plants, tabletop plants, boxwood topiaries, and more are put in place in offices and homes of clients all over the country.

No middlemen. No luxurious shops. No big warehouses. What you see online is what you see arriving in a Luxe Garden box. We offer premium products at an unbeatable price, providing you the ability to adorn your space with the best in artificial plants.

Join the Luxe Garden community today. Stay inspired. Order your favorite faux plants and leave a review letting us know your thoughts!