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Luxe Garden is an online retailer and design studio, specializing in artificial plants, rugs, and décor. We may gather from our customers direct non-public personal information when orders are placed at our online store registered at

Definitions of Personal Information

‘Personal information’ is defined as information unique to the individual, including contact information, email, billing information, name given, and phone numbers. This information is updated when necessary to maintain accuracy and ensure it is kept without fault.

Use of Your Information

Any personal information collected by Luxe Garden is used only for the described purposes.

Your information will NOT be sold, transmitted, or licensed beyond Luxe Garden unless (1) you authorize us to do so; (2) it is needed for our service partners to continue providing services to us; or (3) Luxe Garden needs to provide services to you. 

Subject to legal limitations, your personal information may be disclosed to marketing service providers who have marketing agreements with Luxe Garden.

Subject to legal limitations, it may be transferred because of a sale or merger of Luxe Garden assets into another consolidation, entity, combination, share structure, reorganization, or transaction wherein Luxe Garden is no longer a surviving entity.

 Your information may be transferred if it is needed for customer support, quality assurance services, operation and management of Luxe Garden business, risk control, fraud, security, prevention of crime, analytical research and monitoring, trends purchase preferences, a resolution of disputes, or a checking credit and collection of debt. 

If you are not in agreement with these terms, we are unable to conduct business with you or proceed with accepting orders placed on

If you continue to use this website, put in a purchase at, or use our services, it constitutes you accepting in full the above policy.

Use of “Cookies” and Links to Other Websites

Any time Luxe Garden corresponds with you through our website, we may utilize ‘cookies’. 

Cookies enable us to recognize your PC without your personal information. Please note, you can set your internet browser to reject cookies. Should you do so, you may be unable to access and utilize all that can be offered to you through the Luxe Garden website.

Any time you receive Luxe Garden marketing via email, we tailor the data we email – unless you request otherwise.

This implies we may utilize data and cookies to recognize your site behaviour and inclinations. This empowers us to provide a more customized, relevant approach to communication with you. Correspondence received in this manner offers the option to quit this personalization.

We also gather data to identify customer patterns and trends. We utilize cookies and programming tools to gauge site action amongst other things. If you place an order, we may likewise utilize cookies to monitor this exchange from one web page to the next.

Notwithstanding the data we gather from cookies, we additionally collect data you give us through, such as when you subscribe for updates, buy an item, or exchange general communication with us. In some instances data collected from cookies or provided by you is stored to aid us in completing an order or to keep an authentic record of past communication exchanges. In some instances, we store the data for utilization in resulting sessions.

An ‘IP’ is ‘Internet Protocol’ and is a key identifier on electronic gadgets used to recognize and connect with others on the Internet. When visiting, we may see your IP address. We utilize this data to identify the general location of the gadget on which you are communicating from. We likewise may utilize this data to upgrade our site.

Some pages on our site use web signals to enable outside parties to acquire data.

Security Statement

In the event you select a direct payment gateway to purchase from, this is permission for Shopify to collect your credit card information. This data is encoded through Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). Your data is deleted in full after the secure transaction is completed.

All payment gateways at follow the measures governed by PCI-DSS and is overlooked by the PCI Security Standards Council, an organized effort of MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover. For more info please visit ( or Privacy Statement (

Changes to this Policy

This policy is subject to change at the discretion of Luxe Garden. Changes made to this policy will be either posted on our website, on promotional material, or made accessible on demand. The latest adaption of this policy is reflected by the variant date situated at the base of this policy.

Direct Marketing

Subject to legal limitations, we may occasionally get in touch with you to make you aware of certain services, new events, or new products. assumes you consent to electronic correspondence when you place an order or request services on our website. You may modify your preference with respect to accepting marketing from a third party provider.


Luxe Garden values any and all inquiries and comments about our services and products. We invite you to email us. We will direct your messages to those inside our organization most fit to respond to the contents of your message. 

We may store your message for a specific time frame or dispose of it if it is believed to not be required again.

Links to other websites

For your benefit, we may link to other web pages that are not under our control.

We are not responsible for the practices concerning security of websites we do not govern. We do not sponsor or endorse any of these sites, the items or services listed on the destination pages, or any information on those pages or websites.

Risk of loss

All products acquired from are made compliant with a shipping contractor.

This implies the chance of loss and title for such products goes to you upon our conveyance to the transporter.

RETURNS, REFUNDS AND TITLE doesn't take to title products that are returned until arrival within our warehouse.  See our Returns Policy to inform yourself more about the return and refund process.


Unless stated elsewhere, the ‘List Price’, ‘Suggested Price’, or ‘Retail Price’ seen on items at speaks to the full retail cost displayed on the item, proposed by the marker or provider, and/or evaluated as per standard practice within the industry.

The listed price of an item may not speak to the predominant cost in every zone on any specific day. We cannot affirm the cost of a product until your order has been placed.

In spite of the earnest attempt to keep things wholly accurate, some items on our website may be priced incorrectly from time to time. On the off-chance the cost of a product offered by Luxe is above the price stated, at our discretion, we will either get in touch with you for directions before transport or cancel your order and contact you accordingly.

Please take note that ANY discount codes, promotions such as the ‘Plant Of The Week’ or Black Friday or any such promotions, as well as digital gift cards/vouchers/coupons issued by Luxe Garden as a free promotion, are non-cumulative.

On the other hand, if someone decides to buy a gift card, that gift card can be used with any promotions we offer, as long as they're non-cumulative.


Delivery time spans imparted by are approximations and reliant on numerous steps outside of our ability to control.

Deliveries can be affected by issues such as, but not limited to, delays in manufacturing, delays with logistic companies, government setbacks, and acts of God. On no occasion is Luxe Garden liable for deliveries going past the approximated arrival period.

Force Majeure

Luxe Garden is not liable for postponement and/or non-fulfillment of products and/or services, in addition to inaccessibility of relating to events such as technology failures, electricity outages, labor debates, strikes, civil unrest, deficiencies in materials or workforce, flood, fires, government legislation, war, or court orders from domestic or foreign courts, third parties, and/or tribunals.

Applicable Law

By using, you consent to every law and regulation that is applicable and which pertains to your utilization of items or services through said website.

Any infraction of these Terms And Conditions are regulated by United States  law, without any respect to any contention of law arrangements of your residential area or location.

We may report infringement of these Terms And Conditions to the proper governing representatives. You and each consent to the individual and sole jurisdiction of the courts within the United States of America.

Your Rights

You reserve the right to demand in writing not to get direct advertising material from Luxe Garden. When accessible, you may change your past preference by emailing or messaging us with the keyword ‘unsubscribe’.

Once appropriately informed by you, Luxe Garden will quit utilizing your data. Please permit us a sensible time frame to fulfill your demand.